WBW Advantage

Our focus is solely Oil, Gas, and Mineral Management
Since 1927, WBW Agent, Inc. has provided reliable and comprehensive oil, gas and mineral management services. We manage all aspects of oil, gas and mineral interests for companies, universities, charitable organizations, trusts and individual owners across the country.

We have the best reports in the industry
Our proprietary database was designed specifically for oil, gas and mineral management.  Our concise, easy to read reports give you all the information you need to track your interests by individual property and/or purchaser on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Our technology also provides internal checks and balances that allow us to catch discrepancies, such as gaps in monthly production, ensuring no lost income.

We keep our fee structure simple
We offer a flat percentage based fee structure. No additional fees are charged per producing or non-producing property under management, property tax payments, division order processing or expense payments, resulting in a lower cost to you.

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