Company History

William B. Watson Agent, Inc. (WBW Agent, Inc.) is a company that encompasses four generations of family history and experience in oil, gas and mineral management.  The company was formed in 1927 as the Federal Royalties Company in Ft. Worth, Texas by David Donoghue and a group of investors.  Donoghue had a long and illustrious career that included advisory positions with several state and federal agencies in the US and South America, and with the United Nations assisting the governments of Libya, Malta and Tunisia in petroleum exploration and development.

In 1958 Donoghue’s son-in-law, William B. Watson, took over the business until the late 1980’s when Donoghue’s granddaughter, Ann McKnight Stevens, became president of William B. Watson Agent, Inc.

We are proud of our company’s history and the strong client loyalties developed though high quality, personalized service.  WBW Agent, Inc. currently manages over 300,000 acres for clients including universities, trusts, corporations and charitable organizations.  Many of our clients have been with us since the 1920’s.

Association Memberships
WBW Agent, Inc. belongs to leading organizations in the industry which monitor various national and state issues affecting the oil and gas industry.  We monitor industry developments through various organizations and publications so that we are proactively on top of any changes that may affect our client’s interests.

  • (NARO) National Association of Royalty Owners
  • (TIPRO) Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association
  • (TXOGA) Texas Oil and Gas Association
  • (AAPL) American Association of Professional Landmen
  • (NADOA) National Association of Division Order Analysts
  • Fort Worth Wildcatters

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