Our proprietary oil & gas database system was designed specifically for oil, gas and mineral management in order to meet our client’s reporting and information needs.  Our concise, easy to read reports give you all the information you want to track your interests by individual property, purchaser or monthly income.  Our proprietary system also provides internal checks and balances that allow us to catch discrepancies, such as, gaps in monthly production ensuring no lost income.

Standard reports available:

  • Annual Income Summary by Month
  • Annual Income Summary by Purchaser
  • Income Summary – Average Price by Property and Run Date
  • Oil and Gas Property Report – Net Receipt by County/Wellname
  • Detailed Income Summary of All Products by County/Wellname
  • Annual Payment Report by Purchaser for 1099 Verification
  • Monthly Deposit Report
  • Lease Bonus Income Report
  • Working Interest Income  and Expense Report by Property
  • Working Interest Income and Expense Report by Purchaser
  • Income Summary with Average Price by Product
  • Income Summary with Average Price by Property
  • Ad Valorem Tax  Property Values and Tax Information
  • Inventory by Category (Producing or Non-producing)

We can also provide customized reports at an additional cost. For more information, please click here or call 817.332.8846.

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